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 ​Every year, the nation spends approximately $200 billion in energy for commercial buildings. Yet, during the workday they are unoccupied on an average of 60% to 40% wasting a potential $100-$60 billion dollars a year.
HVAC, lighting and plug loads are the main energy costs. Commercial buildings high energy needs put a strain on the nation’s power grids during peak periods. More efficient buildings will ensure affordable power and significantly lower operating costs for businesses. Owners of these buildings seek to decrease costs and reduce energy consumption and want cost justified applications for improvement.
Our unique product line of wireless sensors and controls represent a significant breakthrough on how the U.S. can win the clean energy race. Our innovative products will create jobs utilizing advanced software technology.
One patent and two patent pending’s wireless sensors and controls that will provide a cost justified opportunity for building owners to simply turn off HVAC, lighting and plug loads when they’re not required or unoccupied.
Individual energy cost accountability for each office or workstation, will provide additional energy savings. “What get measured, gets managed!” (Quote from GSA website)

Wireless  solutions

Imagine having a thermostat in your home that you cannot turn off.  That's exactly what 40 million pneumatic thermostats in commercial buildings have, thermostats that cannot be turned off.

Turning off, the HVAC and the lighting when not required or unoccupied. Monitoring the plug loads, holding the occupant accountable for energy use when occupied and unoccupied. Is simple and will be a major game changer.



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