Please watch the videos about the ecWizard-F100 which was 99% developed prior to Honeywell discontinuing support. (See history of the ecWizard on the product page.)

Most of the videos are accurate, but the new ecWizard-P100 has several improvements. Like cloud-based and analytical software plus powerful wireless radios that are state-of-the-art in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about The ecWizard  

The ecWizard's Return on Investment

Saving Energy with The ecWizard

The new ecWizard P100 will incorporate improvements over the Niagara Sedona software and ecWizard F100. Trained technicians are no longer required for the ecHost/Gateway and configuration of the system. The new software is simple to configure.
The return on investment is the same for the old ecWizard and the new. The ROI is the biggest reason why they say the ecWizard is the most exciting DDC control to be introduced in the last 30 years.
The ecMech System is capable of performing audits automatically and providing recommissioning of the existing DDC control system. Knowing dollars per minute of all your mechanical components will accurately verify energy savings. (See product page for ecMech)

Features of the ecWizard

A Comparison of DDC Zone Retrofits

Why Upgrade to The ecWizard

Common sense improvements and features that save energy, improve comfort and IAQ. It doesn't take an Engineer or Rocket Scientists to see the obvious opportunities with the ecWizard.
Do you really want to spend over $2000 per zone the change out controls that that are working properly?

Do you want to invest in a 30-year-old pneumatic control system by adding the WPT?

Do you want to have an opportunity to start saving now and gradually upgrade as required?
Making the right business decisions is essential for any company. If you don't take the time to learn about your opportunities, you will never be able to profit in this competitive business world.

Conversation (Chief Engineer and Building Manager)

Will the Chief Engineer convince the Building Manager to install the ecWizard energy-saving system to improve comfort and IAQ?